Get Rewarded for Saving Money

Flourish is the fun way to save.

How to Flourish!

With Flourish you get rewarded for your good savings habits.


Open a free Flourish account and grow your savings.


As you save, you unlock activities and chances to win prizes!


Prizes range from gift cards, to bragging rights, and more.

Our purpose

Transform the way people manage their finances

Help people build positive financial habits

Empower people to achieve their dreams

How we are different?

We make savings feel like play! By incorporating game elements, we create an innovative tool that helps people build positive financial habits. We motivate people along their financial journey with:

• Games that make saving fun and entertaining
• Recognition that celebrates milestones and goals
• Prizes that reward positive actions


"I like that it has attainable steps, I like hitting those goals because it helps me plan out to a bigger goal."


"Since having Flourish, I’ve probably saved three times the amount than I was saving before."


"I feel like other platforms aim to make money off of me, but Flourish is trying to help and build my knowledge."


Sign up and claim your spot to be an early user!

Get Flourish today to start saving, playing, and winning!

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